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February 27, 2016

Lamppost Repair Program Success!

As we entered 2016, 10% of our lamp posts were defective - broken or no power.

We organized the second group purchase program for lamppost replacement which was held for March 4th - 5th. This is group purchase organized by the Association which provides renovation options ranging from $75 (replant existing pole) to $150 (replant with new pole) to $225 (replant with new pole and fixture).

In 2013, nine homeowners --100, 102, 118, 1905 Wilshire and 111, 113, 1510, 1616 Brentwood -- had their  damaged or broken exterior lamp posts renovated. In 2016, 1514, 1516, 1524, 1615 Brentwood and 1901, 1916 had physical repairs.   1617, 1621 Brentwood and 1918 Wilshire had electrical power repairs.

We still have some troubled poles. 1500, 1606 Brentwood have damaged poles.   1500, 1601, 1603, Brentwood 118 Brentwood, have no power.  There are 9 poles in Brentwood Court are more than a foot below standard height.

 The replacement poles are 84" tall, 3" diameter aluminum, direct burial posts and the light fixtures are Craftmade part number Z695-05 - in a mat black finish to comply with the community design standards.